About Us


Stockholm Gardens is a product of the efforts of Beth Shide and Harley Cochran.


Harley is a native of Iowa, Beth of North Dakota, where they met on the Northern Border Pipeline Project of the University of North Dakota Archeology Lab in 1982.

During a stint as ethnoarcheologists for the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Office of the BIA between 1983 and 1986, Harley and Beth developed an idea for a family and agriculture-based business, which ultimately led to a search for an acreage in western Wisconsin, and to an old farmstead within the village of Stockholm, Wisconsin.

  Established in 1987, Stockholm Gardens continues its committment to quality products, organic growing methods, and unique, creative landscapes and garden accessories.




Beth manages the nursery portion of Stockholm Gardens, and is a grower with an extensive knowledge of diverse perennial  and annual cultivars and growing techniques.

 She has an excellent eye for the design, proper use and layout of very many different plant varieties and cultivars, with practical  experience based on 29 years of growing expertise and customer feedback.

Among the hundreds of perennials and other plants Beth grows, she has a peony collection of over 90 cultivars, which are available as potted plants in spring, cut flowers in early summer, and bare root in autumn.

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Harley works as a landscape contractor, and performs support tasks for the nursery.

With over 30 years experience in landscape design and installation, his goal is to provide a sophisticated landscape unique to the property owners' needs and personalities.

 Harley is a stone mason of 20 years experience, and has been designing and building furniture and garden structures for 40 years.

In addition to the contact info below, Harley may be contacted by cell phone at (715) 495-2682.

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