When you reference our plant list, an excellent resource to use in tandem is  Perrenial Resource.  Go to the Perennial Encyclopedia for photographs of the plant varieties. 

      As part of our commitment to organic growing methods, we have always stressed soil amendment, especially the use of compost. The particular product we use is Cowsmo compost produced by  the Rosenholm/Wolfe Dairy of Waumandee, Wisconsin; this is a product we have used for over 15 years in all our landscape plantings, and which we have used for at least 10 years as the base for our greenhouse growing mix. We offer 50 pound bags of Cowsmo compost and  potting soil for sale.  

      To read an interesting piece on Stockholm & its history, see Destination: Stockholm by travel writer Beth Gauper. Among other businesses, iot mentions our neighbor Leland Krebs' beautifullu restored historic farmstead, the Great River Bed &  Breakfast.    


      As a very good resource for gardening at this latitude, we offer Northern Gardener magazine, with seasonal discounts to card-carrying Minnesota Horticultural Society members.